Other Heat Recovery Solutions

On energy-intensive sites, Veolia aims to identify sustainable sources of recoverable residual heat and find ways to recycle this heat in the areas surrounding these industrial sites

What are some additional heat recovery solutions that Veolia offers?

In addition to our centralised heating network and combined heat and power plants, Veolia can offer specific heat recovery solutions for the following:

  • Incineration processes/plants
  • Wastewater by-products
  • Wastewater systems.

What is Veolia’s differentiator for heat recovery solutions?

Veolia can:

  • Initiate and manage the project alongside the different stakeholders involved
  • Design the heat capture devices, the network and the various heat-exchange substations
  • Establish the financial package through third party investors (banks, etc.)
  • Purchase the thermal energy that will supply the network from different producing companies
  • Manage and maintain the network and the heat-exchange substations
  • Sell various corporate consumers the energy they need

Ultimately, we can guarantee all stakeholders additional financial stability and operational fairness.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s heat recovery solutions?

In Australia
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 1800 531 988.

In New Zealand
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 0800 325 542.

Heat from incineration
Heat from Wastewater Systems
Heat from Wastewater by-products