Every customer needs to be transparent with their stakeholders about their company’s environmental, operational and financial performance. Our approach to reporting is to plug-in our data to tell your story and help drive operational, environmental and financial excellence.

The Need for Reporting

Customers across heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas and manufacturing, as well as businesses within commercial sectors inducing healthcare, pharmaceutical and retail need to be transparent with their own stakeholders about their company’s environmental, operational and financial performance. Furthermore, governments, local councils and municipal entities must demonstrate accountability to their residents about matters such as water supply and management, waste management and recycling services and energy footprint management.

We believe in this need for transparency which is why we deliver a vast suite of customer reporting tools and mechanisms, with our goal being to report back to you, utilising your own KPIs, how well our partnership is performing. Whether you are a hospital trying to establish waste costs in relation to cost, per bed per day, or a coal mining company trying to assess water management costs by cost per tonne of production, our aim in delivering customer reporting is to plug in our data to tell your story and drive operational, environmental and financial excellence.

Water asset management and performance reporting

In Australia and New Zealand, Veolia's operations staff work within an integrated business management system to ensure consistency in work procedures, in monitoring and in reporting of performance to deliver the highest level of customer service.

All operations are certified to relevant standards such as International Standard for Quality Management ISO 9001, International Standard for Environmental Management ISO 14001 and the Australian Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management AS 4801.

Waste and environmental performance

You want to know what happened to your waste materials. You want assurances that your contribution to the waste-life cycle is effectively and sustainably managed by Veolia. In order to deliver this, we offer monthly waste and recycling contract performance reports that track waste volumes, landfill diversion rates and expenditure, and also report on waste-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions or your “carbon footprint”. These reports are not just a reflection of what has happened, they form the basis for continuous improvement through delivery of technical innovations and client educational support and training.

Energy performance management

At Veolia we have a unique capability of providing integrated solutions across the entire energy value chain, from energy sourcing strategies through to best-in-class on demand side services and management practices. In doing this, we are able to deliver comprehensive energy reporting and analysis for clients, helping them to understand their own energy usage.

Furthermore, by reporting this back to you and presenting an energy utility plan, as opposed to just a technical solution, we can reduce your total energy costs and overall carbon footprint.


Veolia will soon launch an online reporting tool called the RePortal which is focused on delivering tailored data and trend analysis for major customers waste and recycling performance. The KPI’s covered will include:

No. Performance measure Monthly Quarterly Annually
1 Waste volume by site and state
2 Waste stream by site and state
3 Recycling by site and state
4 Waste to landfill by site and state
5 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from waste related activities
6 Service / collection variation / performance  
7 Expenditure by site, state, and waste stream
9 Timeliness of Reporting  


Energy Savings Centre

At Veolia we understand that in a world of increasing energy costs and rising environmental concerns, managing utility bills, procuring commodities and monitoring energy usage can be complex and time consuming. To make your life a little easier, we have developed Veolia’s Energy Saving Centre, which tracks energy performance throughout your entire business, providing accurate, actionable and easy to understand data and insights that help you to understand the bigger energy picture. With this data we can implement an effective energy management strategy, identifying opportunities to minimise energy usage, maximise savings and reduce your carbon footprint.