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As we draw closer to Ozwater 2019, the issue of water security and supply across Australia steadfastly holds its position within media, community and industry as the most hotly debated and discussed environmental concern of the year.
Algal blooms can affect waterway and human health. Veolia's Quentin Bechet discusses why early detection is needed...
What if, the most cost-effective way to benefit healthcare delivery was to invest in energy efficiency measures that reduce carbon emissions, increase a hospital’s contribution to tackling climate change and reduce operational expenditure?
Join in on our new short blog series where we give you all the ammunition you need to talk confidently, and or keep up with friends about issues such as Energy policy, Climate Change and Soft Plastics!
Through innovation, collaboration and a unique partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Veolia is proud to be supporting the future energy workforce through the creation of graduate employment opportunities...
Ever wondered how electricity makes it's way into your house or workplace? Here are 5 surprising facts about how energy in Australia is sourced. So next time you turn on a light, you'll know why and how it works...
Veolia is celebrating some of its most significant industry partnerships across Australia and New Zealand with the release of several case study videos, showcasing innovative examples of environmental and economic sustainability.
Let’s face it, we’re never going to avoid creating waste, but we can find ways to keep more and more waste out of landfill and actually use it to create something better. That’s exactly what Veolia, in collaboration with a number of Sydney councils, is doing at our Woodlawn Eco-precinct, a flagship site located 250km southwest of Sydney.
How do you know when a water pipe at your property has sprung a leak? Is it when half your home is underwater, or when your smartphone tells you?