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Ever wondered how electricity makes it's way into your house or workplace? Here are 5 surprising facts about how energy in Australia is sourced. So next time you turn on a light, you'll know why and how it works...
Veolia is celebrating some of its most significant industry partnerships across Australia and New Zealand with the release of several case study videos, showcasing innovative examples of environmental and economic sustainability.
Let’s face it, we’re never going to avoid creating waste, but we can find ways to keep more and more waste out of landfill and actually use it to create something better. That’s exactly what Veolia, in collaboration with a number of Sydney councils, is doing at our Woodlawn Eco-precinct, a flagship site located 250km southwest of Sydney.
How do you know when a water pipe at your property has sprung a leak? Is it when half your home is underwater, or when your smartphone tells you?
Unlike all of Europe and most of Asia, Australia is rich in space. Our cities can sprawl - and they do. As such, our waste also sprawls into ever-expanding landfills, where it is, for want of a better word, wasted. Australia is in fact one of the biggest producers of municipal waste per capita in the world.
Everyone loves a new build. Whether it's property or infrastructure, they're a city's shiny new toys.
While ‘net positive’ is a trending phrase in sustainability, many people remain unclear about what it actually means, or more so, how to achieve it.
Innovation is the key to creating smart cities, to turning bio-resources into energy, to promoting alternative, more sustainable forms of consumption and to building new economic models.
Innovation is at the core of what drives us as a company. Through innovation we support our customers to achieve their goals by providing solutions tailored to specific challenges.
Nature is mostly zero waste and largely powered by renewable energy. So when it comes to design innovation in sustainability who better to take instruction from than the grand master herself. After all nature’s been in the design game for around 3.8 billion years.