Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing diversity, equality and inclusion

To us, diversity simply means difference – difference in thinking, background, sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity and other life experiences. To achieve our overall vision of ‘quality, efficiency and growth’, we require a workforce that reflects the communities and the organisations that we serve, and a workplace which is inclusive and empowers our people to contribute their best. At Veolia, diversity and inclusion are not nice to haves, but business imperatives that require everyone’s support.



Our Commitment to Indigenous People

Veolia aims to walk alongside and work together in partnership with Indigenous people to provide leadership, enhance respect and understanding, and create tangible opportunities in the communities in which we live and operate. We understand that supporting the first people of our countries to develop their local economies in their traditional areas are vital for long-term sustainable development. Our vision is to continue our programs targeted at increasing diversity within our workforce and supply chain, in addition to implementing region-wide educational workshops to raise cultural awareness and competency of Veolia as an organisation.



Importance of Family 

At Veolia, we are proud to have an organisational culture that is underpinned by a strong sense of family values. We know that this is what sets us apart from other employers, and that there are many supportive families behind some of our most successful employees. That’s why we are committed to maintaining and building on our family-friendly working environment.


Promotion of Gender Equality  

To us, gender equality means that we make decisions fairly without any discrimination on the basis of gender. It is about ensuring everyone has the same opportunities and resources to reach one's full potential, irrespective of the gender one identifies as.


Inclusive Team Environments 

We are at our best when our teams feel they can bring their whole selves to work. That’s why we are committed to ensuring a safe and supportive working environment, free from harassment and prejudice. We embrace diversity based on the knowledge that our differences make us stronger and strive to maintain a workplace that is conducive to our employees feeling comfortable to be themselves every day.