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Go paperless and help save the environment!

Important update on postal invoices - From January 1, 2024, a $1.50 postage fee will be applied for paper invoices.

At Veolia Papakura, we are committed to making environmentally friendly choices and reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we are excited to announce our new initiative to encourage our customers to receive their invoices via email.

Go paperless - It’s easy to opt for email invoicing - here’s how:

  • Email [email protected] with your account details and a request to switch to email billing
  • Call our customer helpline at (09) 295 0515 and let our team make the switch for you
  • Drop by our office during business hours - our team will be more than happy to help you sign up for email invoices.
  • myVeolia: If you haven't already, create an account on our customer portal, myVeolia. From there, you can easily manage your account preferences and select email invoicing.

Enjoy a range of benefits when you make the switch:

  • Faster Invoice receipt: Email invoicing ensures you receive your invoices promptly, eliminating any potential delays associated with postal delivery
  • Avoid the $1.50 postal charge: By opting for email invoices, you'll avoid the postage fees associated with paper invoices
  • Feel good: Join us in reducing paper consumption for a cleaner, greener future!

We're here to help

Our team is here to help make your switch to online billing as seamless and easy as possible.
Make the switch today and help us make a positive impact on the environment. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Ways to pay your bills

  • Direct Debit
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    Set up a direct debit payment and we'll debit the amount due from your bank account on the due date.  

  • Internet Banking
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    Veolia Water Services is set up as a pre-loaded payee at all major banks. It will show as an option, e.g. under Pay a bill/Search for a biller.

    If your bank does not have Veolia set up as a payee, you will need these details to add a self-selected payee :

    • Bank account name: Veolia Water Services
    • Bank: Westpac
    • Branch: Papakura, Auckland, 1023, New Zealand
    • Account number:   03-0399-0255426-002
    • Reference number: Use the account number on your bill as our reference.  
  • Automatic payment
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    You can set up an automatic payment arrangement with your bank.  A fixed amount will then come out of your bank account at set intervals to pay for your water bill. All major banks also provide online automatic payment setup.

  • In Person
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    Tear the payment slip off your bill  and bring it with you to our Veolia Papakura Office, located at 107 Great South Road, Papakura, Auckland 2110, New Zealand. Payments can be made via cash or EFTPOS.

Further information

Update your details

Keep your personal information up to date 

Update or change your billing address and other contact details using the form below or email us at: [email protected]

If we cannot contact you or if you fail to update us of the new owner/occupant details then you may continue to be liable for charges to that property and may incur additional charges.

Help paying your bill

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to help. We recognise that from time to time some of our customers may experience hardship in paying their account and we will always try to assist with special payment arrangements that may be necessary. See our guide to check your eligibility for financial support through Veolia's Customer Support Fund. 

If your account is overdue, we will send you a notice requesting payment within 14 days. If payment is not received, recovery action will commence which may result in a restricted water supply, debt collection and/or legal action.

We will not restrict your water supply if:

  • You have agreed alternative payment arrangements with us for an overdue account
  • There is an unresolved dispute to an amount owing on your account
  • If you are on our Special Needs Register we will not restrict your supply unless we have first contacted you and taken all reasonable steps to come to an alternative arrangement with you.

If payment for the account and reconnection is received before 3pm Monday to Friday, water supply will be restored to the property within three hours. If payments are not made before 5pm, there may be delays before water supply will be restored. An additional charge may also be applied.

Contract Changes

Changes to the billing cycle 

Later this year meter reading and customer invoicing will change from a 3 monthly cycle to monthly meter reading/consumption estimates when Veolia moves to a new account management system.

Instead of receiving a bill from Veolia every 3 months, customers will receive a monthly bill based on an actual meter reading or an estimated reading on a read-estimate-read cycle.

We are making this change to:

  • align our billing approach with the rest of the  Auckland region.  
  • make it easier for our customers to monitor their water usage 
  • detect water leaks sooner

Veolia’s Customer Service Charter and Contract will change to reflect the new meter reading and billing cycle by: 

  1.  Replacing clause 5.2 of the customer contract with the following:
    • 5.2 Invoices / payments 
      We will send you a bill every month for all water and wastewater services and other associated charges. Your bill will be based on either:
      • A meter reading taken from the meter measuring the supply of water to your premises; or
      • An estimate of the water supplied to you since the meter was last read.
    • There will be 1 invoice for each meter.
      • We will send the invoice either to your  email address or postal address (as notified by you)
      • You agree to pay in full the amount you owe us on or before the due date for payment shown on the invoice.
    • Charges associated with new connections and IGCs will be billed separately. 
  2.  Removing the customer service charter paragraph on billing (page 12) 
    • Billing is every three months (or monthly for high quantity users and based on meter readings unless we cannot access your meter or the ​​meter has stopped.  In these cases, an estimate account based on typical consumption is provided.

A change to the Customer Contract requires Veolia to: 

  • advise customers in writing at least 60 days before the proposed change comes into effect
  • Give customers at least 30 days to object to the change 
  • Meet with objectors to discuss their objections and try to reach an agreement on the change 
  • Publish details of any final changes at least 20 days before they come into effect 

Written objections to the proposed changes to the Customer Contract can be made by:


Customer Service Manager  
Veolia Water Services ANZ (Pty) Ltd 
PO Box 72243, Papakura 2244

Email : [email protected]

Customer Service Charter and Contract Update

Changes to Veolia's Customer Service Charter and Contract 

Veolia is changing its meter reading and billing frequency in Papakura, New Zealand  We are improving and streamlining the way our customers receive their meter readings and invoices. Under the current Service and Contract Charter, customers receive an invoice every three months, moving forward customers will receive a bill every month based on actual usage or an estimate of consumption based on previous consumption history. This will improve and make it easier for our customers to track and monitor their waste usage. 

What is changing?

  • Customers will receive an invoice every month - previously this was every 3 months.
  • Invoices will be based on an actual meter reading every second month. In between meter readings, an estimate of water usage will be used based on previous consumption. 
  • Customers will be able to receive invoices by email.

Why the changes are being implemented? 

  • We are aligning and streamlining  our billing approach with the rest of the Auckland region  
  • We are making it easier for our customers to monitor their water usage. 
  • This change will help us detect water leaks sooner.

What you need to know 

The changes to the meter reading and billing frequency will come into effect in the next few months to coincide with the introduction of a new billing system, featuring a customer portal to further improve our customer's experience.

Veolia’s Customer Service Charter and Contract has been updated to reflect the new billing frequency and meter reading process.   You can view the changes to the Customer Service Charter and Contract here.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions regarding the planned changes, please call our Customer Service team on (09) 295 0515 or email us at [email protected]