Veolia Procurement

The Veolia Procurement team is committed to bringing our business and suppliers together to deliver excellent supply solutions and new value. 

Responsible for procuring a diverse range of goods and services for Veolia’s national operations, the Veolia Procurement team has a focus on reducing the cost of doing business, delivering sustainable and ethical relationships, and promoting innovation and digitalisation.

We are excited to share that as of July 3rd Veolia has partnered with SAP Ariba, a digital procurement platform designed to make it easier for us to do business with you.

Veolia ANZ operates with a clear approach to supplier payment terms.  

For Australia supplier’s, Veolia’s standard payment terms are 60 days from invoice.

For New Zealand suppliers, Veolia’s standard payment terms are 40 days from invoice. 

Highlighting Veolia’s commitment to  Australian small businesses, Veolia Australia operates in full support of the Business Council of Australia - Australian Supplier Payment Code.  As such, Veolia acknowledges the following exceptions to our standard payment terms:

30 days from invoice for small business, indigenous suppliers and not-for-profit or government organisations

Veolia is now utilising a new management system, SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba provides a platform for all our suppliers to keep important company information up to date including contact details, banking information, insurance certification and compliance to Veolia’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality policies.

Register for your FREE standard SAP Ariba account on the SAP Business Network.

Existing suppliers have already been set up with Veolia and a connection will be established upon supplier receiving their first PO by email.

New suppliers will be required to complete an onboarding process with Veolia including a questionnaire and set-up with EFT Sure.

Veolia is committed to driving innovation and sustainability within our Waste, Water, and Energy divisions. 

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance efficiency and responsibility, we have recently transitioned away from FELIX to the SAP Ariba platform for supplier onboarding.

Through SAP Ariba, our suppliers will be able to manage their information, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Maintaining up to date information is crucial to ensuring that suppliers receive Purchase Orders and payments accurately.

The platform also ensures that our suppliers are aware of Veolia’s commitment to CSR and sustainability across our procurement processes.

Through comprehensive questionnaires and ongoing review of supplier commitment to Veolia’s core values we are not only improving operational efficiency but also strengthening our commitment to responsible business practices.

For more information on the SAP Ariba and the Veolia registration process, please visit the Veolia Supplier Information Portal or contact [email protected]

Veolia Australia offers an Early Payment Program through our partnership with EARLYTRADE. This innovative solution provides a simple and transparent method of receiving early payment on eligible Veolia approved invoices for a small discount as nominated by the supplier. Once the early payment request is accepted by Veolia, the selected invoice will be paid in the next payment run.

While Veolia remains committed to timely payment arrangements, EARLYTRADE is available on demand and entirely at our supplier’s discretion.

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NOTE: This opportunity is currently available to all existing Veolia suppliers and will be offered to suppliers previously trading with SUEZ Recycling & Recovery, in the coming months.