Fresh upcycling ideas for 2015

18 june 2015
We love upcycling! Who doesn’t love turning something old into something new? At Veolia, we continue to look for exceptional ideas that you can take inspiration from when recycling scraps and waste found in your home. To make it easier to keep track of all the ideas, we have created a new inspiration board on our Pinterest page.

Here are some of the new projects we found that we thought were pretty amazing:

Used Traffic Signs as Bar Stool Seats

Traffic sign
Put your old traffic sign collection to good use. Why not make a trendy pair of bar stools for your home by using the sheets as seats? Fashion the stool’s legs with wood and then finish the seating off with the dilapidated traffic signage. Make sure to make the edges dull to avoid accidents and cuts later on.

Old CDs as a Funky Living Room Chair

Old CDs

Find good use of your old CDs by making a lounge chair out of them. You can make at least 10 bundles of CDs with around 1 and a half foot length each. Stack them horizontally on a sturdy metal base to create a functional yet stylish piece for your living room.

Used Tyre as Coffee Table

Used tyre

If you have long wanted to own an outdoor coffee table, why not clean up that old tyre sitting around in your garage? Just create a durable wooden or metal base for the tyre, install it in the middle, and top it with a circular piece of wooden sheet. Polish and repaint it if you wish and voila, you can now enjoy a cup or two of coffee in your lawn.

Empty Paint Cans as Bed

Empty paint cans

If you have a good amount of paint cans lying around in the basement, why not assemble them together to make a bed? Make sure they are of the same sizes before securing everything together. You can then add a large foam for cushion and comfort. You can then decorate your new bed to suit your tastes.

Do you have other favourite upcycling ideas that will inspire home renovators around Australia? Contact us.