Future Resourcers

Calling all Future Resourcers!

Veolia’s Future Resourcers program delivers sustainability education to participating schools across Australia. Using the principles of Education for Sustainability (EfS), the program provides education to primary and secondary school students in a fun, engaging and informative way.

This free 6-week education program challenges students to develop a creative and innovative solution, known as ‘The Pitch’, on a selected sustainability topic. Schools present their solutions and compete against other schools across the country for the ultimate title of Future Resourcers winner!

Registrations open until 19 March, 2021

Register now, and a representative from Veolia will be in touch to tell you how to participate.


About the program

  • 6-week program to support sustainability education in your curriculum
  • Educational video introducing sustainability topic and ‘The Pitch’
  • Video submission of your school’s Pitch to a judging panel of industry experts
  • Waste Infrastructure Review, reviewing your school’s current waste and recycling infrastructure and providing recommendations to maximise recycling at your school
  • Ongoing support from Veolia’s Sustainability Specialists during the program
  • Access to educational resources, activities and prizes 
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To register your school for the Future Resourcers Program, register online, or download and complete the registration form no later than 19 March 2021.

If you have any questions about the program or registrations, email [email protected].

Registrations open                            Term 4, 2020
Information session                         2 March 2021
Registrations close                           19 March 2021
Program commencement             Term 3, 2021
National winner announced        16 September 2021

View the Terms and Conditions for the Future Resourcers competition.


Terms and Conditions_Future Resourcers (141.83 KB)

Is there a cost to participate in the Future Resourcers program?

No, it is free to participate in Future Resourcers program. Simply register your interest no later than 19 March, 2021, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. The relevant program materials will be forwarded prior to the start of the program which is Term 3, 2021.

Do I have to be a Veolia customer to participate?

No. Future Resourcers is available to all schools regardless of whether they are a Veolia customer - primary and secondary, government and non-government. However, if you’d like to be a Veolia customer, please let us know and we will send one of our Sales Managers to speak with your school about our range of waste and recycling collections. 

Is Future Resourcers the same as the Waste Pioneers Program?

The award-winning Waste Pioneers Program was specific to schools in Victoria, and will be superseded by the Future Resourcers program. Future Resourcers is based on the Waste Pioneers program, and will be available nationally. 

How does my school participate? 

You will need to register your interest no later than 19 March, 2021.

We understand that every school is unique and operates differently. Future Resourcers has been designed to allow schools to decide how this program fits their school best. Your entire school can choose to participate in the program, only a certain year level can participate in the program or only your school’s Green Team can participate in the program. It’s your school’s journey so you decide how Future Resourcers will work best for your school community. 

Is Future Resourcers only offered in Term 3?

At this stage, Future Resourcers will only be offered in Term 3, 2021. This allows all schools to participate in the program and compete in The Pitch at the same time. If your school wants to participate in Future Resourcers but cannot participate in Term 3, please let us know and we can consider delivering Future Resourcers in more terms in the near future. 

How does The Pitch work?

Your students are challenged with creating a solution to The Pitch topic. At the end of the 6-week program, your school’s Pitch will be submitted, via video submission. A team of judges will review each video and judge on 3 criteria: Creativity, Innovation and Presentation. The school with the highest score from the judges will be chosen as the Future Resourcers winner!

Can my school submit more than one 'Pitch'?

Future Resourcers has been designed so that as many students as possible are engaged and creating solutions. However, only 1 Pitch per school is allowed to compete in The Pitch. It is recommended that, should your school have many great pitch ideas, to host your own semi-final Pitch, and then choose that winning Pitch to represent your school in The Pitch. This makes it the most fair in allowing all schools to compete against each other, with only 1 Pitch per school. 

Do students require a media release?

It is required that any students who participate in The Pitch have a media release with your school. It will be assumed that any images Veolia receives containing students have a media release with your school. 

Veolia may use images from the videos for promotional material. If your school is the selected winner, there will be media and promotion to go along with the announcement and the images will be used. So, please ensure that all students participating in the program have a media release. Otherwise, those students who do not have a media release with your school can still participate in the program but please do not share images with those students in it.

What other schools are saying about the program

“An outstanding program that highlighted real world issues. Students were highly engaged and lots made a difference in the local community.” 

Mt Eliza Primary

“There is so much that can be done in so many curriculum areas. It’s real learning that makes a real difference. Learning that has a purpose.” 
Moama Anglican Grammar


“A valuable program that develops students empathy, critical thinking and leadership skills.” 
Peninsula Grammar


Would you like to know more?

If you have a question about the program, or would like more information on how to participate, please contact Randy Mendez on [email protected].