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Integrated By Design

Every day, our employees and clients are resourcing the world. How do we do it? We do it with plug-ins.

Overview of Plug-Ins
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Plug-ins are integrated systems that plug in to each other and your operation. They turn wastewater into new water supplies, and waste into cheaper, more efficient forms of energy.

Our plug-ins are inspired by the most efficient system of all – the planet. And they enable us, and our customers, to provide, protect and replenish the world’s resources.


Making integrated design work for you

No matter what kind of operation you run, integrated design can help you increase efficiency and save money.

Visit our Plug-in Library to see how our solutions could work for you.

Read more about it on our Integrated By Design blog.

Heavy Industry Solutions
Veolia provides bespoke environmental solutions to some of the region’s largest heavy industry organisations – across water and wastewater management, resource recovery, waste management solutions, and energy services.
2.3.1 Municipal water
Across Australia and New Zealand Veolia is one of the largest providers of services to local government for water, waste and energy solutions.
Commercial Water Management
Veolia works with major local and international organisations across Australia and New Zealand to provide commercial solutions across water and wastewater management, waste and resource recovery, and energy services.