1 may 2018

Veolia to conduct PFAS trials in South Australia

Veolia is proposing to conduct waste treatment trials on Poly-and perfuloroalkyl substances, or PFAS.

Veolia has sought advice from the SA Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to conduct incineration trials of PFAS contaminated wastes and and if all approvals are in place, will commence them in Q2 2018.
PFAS Trials Flyer
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The trials will last two or three days, depending on initial results, at the Dry Creek high temperature incinerator and will be of two types, one solid waste and one liquid waste.
The trials are to be conducted in the only Thermal Destruction Plant for hazardous and bio-hazardous wastes in South Australia, located in Dry Creek, which is currently licensed to incinerate the following:
  • Bio-hazardous waste: Medical, biological and animal waste;
  • Quarantine waste: waste collected from overseas air and sea vessels;
  • ​Other wastes: Confidential documents, hard drives and tapes, out-of-date stock, recalled and contaminated product and some industrial waste materials.​