Woodlawn & ARC Benefits

Veolia has operated the Woodlawn Eco Precinct for nearly 20 years and we pride ourselves on being a respectful and valuable contributor to the local community. This new development will deliver jobs, upgrade local infrastructure and allow us to fund more community initiatives through the Mulwaree Trust.

The Woodlawn Eco Precinct has delivered many environmental and community benefits to date, including:

Over 8.5 million tonnes of waste safely processed (equivalent to the amount of waste generated by  3.5 million Australians per year) 

Over 450,000 tonnes of waste processed for mine site rehabilitation

Over 50,000 MWh of energy generated per annum through Bioenergy and Solar - almost enough to power Goulburn 

Over 166,000 tonnes  (CO2 equivalent) of emissions abated per annum, equal to 45,000 cars off the road

Using heat from waste to produce 3,600 kg of fish from sustainable fish farming, enough to meet Tarago’s total seafood consumption for six years

Over $12m community grants provided to enhance local facilities, education and the environment through the Veolia Mulwaree Trust

Expanding our operations to include the Advanced Energy Recovery Centre will deliver:

Over $600M initial investment in regional NSW and a further $2B investment in lifetime maintenance and employment

Increasing our capacity to  recover of non-recyclable waste, diverting up to 380,000 tonnes from landfill per year (enough to fill 172 olympic swimming pools)

Generating 30MW of clean energy, enough to power 40,000 homes per year

Further investment in community initiatives, and ongoing commitment to enhance the local environment

300 jobs during construction and 40 jobs during operation