Meter Management

Efficient metering is pivotal to the financial sustainability of any water authority. While meters are a technically simple asset of the water distribution system, the number and their diversity are more complex in structure.

Why are meter management solutions required?

Some of the major challenges faced by water authorities today are:

  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Growing demand and water scarcity
  • Increasing level of physical and commercial losses
  • Misalignment with the corporate digital agenda.

In order to combat these challenges, the meter fleet infrastructure needs to be managed from a whole of life perspective. From assessment of the asset condition to optimised renewal programs and appropriate ongoing monitoring, significant value can be created by efficiently managing the condition of your fleet.

What is Veolia’s meter management solution?

Under our meter management solution, Veolia can provide the following services:

  • Preliminary analysis and establishment of client specific issues and objectives
  • Application of advanced Veolia developed software for selection of meter populations, sub-classes and samples. The random sampling function of the software not only ensures that meters are selected at random, but that sample sizes will be optimal for subsequent analysis and decision making
  • Extensive testing in a state of the art laboratory to establish meter efficiencies
  • Detailed analysis of the client meter database to identify missing or erroneous data resulting from either data collection gaps, stuck, broken or old meters, as well as identifying other invalid data
  • In-situ consumption data using data loggers.

By adopting these services, substantial data as they pertain to the conditions of your meter fleet can be obtained, in addition to a fully costed analysis of your loss, otherwise known as non-revenue water, due to meter reading inaccuracy.

What benefits can be realised under Veolia’s meter management solution?

The following benefits can be realised:

  • Optimised meter renewal programs and optimise allocation of capital
  • Alignment within the national drive for consistency in water meter testing and management across Australia and New Zealand
  • Minimised non-revenue water associated with inaccurate meters
  • Increased revenue obtained from customers’ water consumption.

Where has Veolia previously implemented meter management solutions?

Globally, more specifically in New York City, the client faced numerous challenges such as:

  • Meter inaccuracy: Revenue erosion due to inaccurate meters
  • Silos within organization: Duplication of efforts, unequal work apportionment, and data issues
  • Lack of adequate resources: Lack of analytics role to interpret and manage data; subpar IT tools, leading to unnecessary manual effort.

To combat these challenges, Veolia optimised their business processes and implemented a large meter replacement and energy management program, fit with monitoring services that are in line with best-practice standards.  We also helped the City improve their workforce by contributing to their organisational restructure, which included the promotion of internal development.  

By working together, the program has resulted in $44M per annum in additional net revenue to date.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s meter management solutions?

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