Smart Water Services

Recognising the value of data across the globe, Veolia launched the Hubgrade range of solutions to support water utilities and industrial players towards their digital water transformationHubgrade solutions give you access to safe, useful, real-time insights on your assets, using your existing source systems and data to deliver the best customer experience.


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In Australia and New Zealand, our Hubgrade solutions can be used to:








VISUALISE data in real-time from various systems, in a single remote interface;

ANALYSE data sets to understand what business processes can be improved;

PREDICT failures to move from reactive to proactive mode of operations and enhance customer experience. 

Veolia's supervision solution Hubgrade, is dedicated to

optimising the performance

of water, energy, and waste management services

operated by the Group on behalf of municipal,

business and industrial customers.

Who are our customers?

Municipal Water Utilities (public & private), City Councils, Government, Industry and Regulatory Bodies

Benefits for our customers

Advanced modelling of services

Optimised resources and infrastructure

Reduced operating costs 

What and why, at a glance



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