From Household Waste to Granny Flat – Providing Alternative Fuels from Waste

In Australia, the brick industry is worth $2.8 billion to the economy and creates employment for 30,000 people nationwide in the manufacturing and installation of its product.

In late 2012, Veolia, in collaboration with Austral Bricks, the construction materials company, set about an exciting new resource recovery project which could potentially provide a new fuel source for brick manufacturers across Australia.

In Horsley Park, New South Wales, both Veolia and Austral Bricks have adjoining facilities: a landfill, and a brick production facility respectively.

The methane, which is produced when waste decomposes, has been used as an alternative energy source at various Veolia facilities for many years, although never had Veolia become so involved in the end-product.

The gas is captured and combusted, then transferred via specially designed pipes next door to Austral, which in turn, uses the gas to fire up the kiln to make bricks. The gas produced by dry-waste or the waste which is collected from construction sites and businesses right across Sydney is now being turned into a relatively cheap and very reliable new source of energy.

The above partnership was the recipient of the Australian Business Award for Innovation.