Packaged Waste

For businesses that produce small quantities of hazardous waste or have limited storage capacity at their facility, packaged waste is an ideal solution. 

Drums or containers give businesses the flexibility to store a range of hazardous and liquid waste in separate containers, eliminating the risks associated with the blending of these wastes in onsite storage tanks.

The drummed waste solution suits a wide range of industries including: industrial, commercial and medical clients.

Liquid & hazardous waste can be stored in packaged in drums, intermediate bulk containers or approved small containers.

Storage of hazardous packaged waste should be in compliant IBC, drums, bottles or other containers to minimise putting your staff and business at risk. Damaged or leaking containers can damage equipment, injure staff and cause business interruptions.

How do we handle packaged waste?

Veolia provides integrated solutions for the identification, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of packaged waste. Our fast and compliant solutions and highly trained and experienced personnel, means you can trust that your packaged waste is being treated comprehensively.  

Our specialised pantech trucks allows us to collect and transport any type of liquid or hazardous waste in approved containers that your business produces. We provide tracking and documentation to ensure your business complies with all regulations.

The packaged waste is transported to our licensed treatment facilities which meet strict EPA guidelines and are operated by an experienced team. We have extensive knowledge in the treatment of most hazardous waste types and can develop a solution to meet your disposal needs.

Veolia is committed to resource recovery and works with clients to identify cost-effective treatment solutions which divert hazardous waste from landfills.

Why choose veolia for your packaged waste?

The safe and effective handling of packaged waste requires experience, care and attention to detail. Veolia has a dedicated team committed to providing a professional service to all clients. Our specialist packaged waste service includes;

  • Supply and collection of compliant containers
  • Characterisation, auditing, packaging and labelling services
  • Compliant collection, transport and treatment
  • Post-treatment material recovery for reuse
  • Full reporting for regulatory requirements

We have the capability to collect all volumes, 24 hours a day with quick response times and emergency response. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance to regulations, so you can trust that your packaged waste is being managed responsibly.

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