Vitagro™ certified organic soil conditioner

Growing plant

The power of resource recovery grows from within our Australian homes and businesses. By introducing VitagroTM, we take the raw organic materials generated by our households and businesses and produce rich organic compost and mulches.


What is Vitagro? 

Vitagro is a soil conditioner made from residential garden waste, organic liquid waste and commercial organic feedstocks. Once collected, the organic material is delivered to our Organic Resource Recovery Facility where it is shredded, composted and turned into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. The blend of raw organic material helps to improve soil moisture retention, plant vigour and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers.

By improving moisture retention and aeration of our soil, Vitagro will provide strength in our plants and enhance their ability to defeat the stresses associated with drought and diseases. 

Every batch produced is tested against the requirements of Australian Standard 4454.

By choosing to use Vitagro  you are closing the loop and creating a more sustainable future for our environment. 


What is Veolia offering? 

Veolia offers Vitagro as a quality, certified product which can be used by home gardeners, local councils, landscape and garden suppliers, and customers in horticulture, agriculture, mining, civil works, commercial landscaping and sports turf management.

Each year, our North Bannister Resource Recovery Park is licenced to convert 110,000 tonnes per annum of food, garden, liquid and agricultural waste from Perth and Western Australia's south-west region and turns it into high quality compost.

To meet your needs, we proudly offer:

  • Small and bulk delivery options to suit your needs
  • 24 business hour quote turnaround
  • Australian Standard certified products
  • Competitive pricing


Need help getting started?

You can contact [email protected] for any of  your compost or FOGO waste management needs.



What is Veolia’s composting process?

Garden organics are collected from council kerbside green bins, transfer stations, landscapers and home garden maintenance companies to produce rich organic recycled composts and mulches. Veolia’s compost is made from renewable resources and as such is a sustainable product. The garden wastes used in the manufacture of the compost are generally contaminated with a range of non-compostable with plastic bags being a prime contributor.

Veolia utilises advanced processes for removing these contaminants from the final product, however, the occasional presence of such materials in the compost serves as a reminder of the nature of the recycled materials used in the process.

Veolia currently processes and manufactures Vitagro compost in NSW and WA only.

Vitagro compost process

Why is Vitagro a high value product?

Veolia’s composting process and the resultant product has a number of features:

  • In-vessel composting - pasteurized process is relatively quick (less than 10 days)
  • In-vessel composting process provides better control and consistency of temperatures throughout the mix to kill weed seeds and pathogenic bacteria
  • Minimal odour and vermin attraction
  • Multiple long term benefits for soil heath
  • High source of carbon
  • Process helps reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Available all year round
  • Laboratory tested and monitored product.

Why does compost play a vital role?