Water Asset Management

Today, water utilities and industries face increasing cost pressures, with a lower tolerance for operational failure or plant downtime.  Our skilled team specialises in assessing the functional requirements of your assets, and recommends ways to improve performance while managing costs

Our systems have positioned us as demonstrating excellence, globally, in water asset management and are compliant with the international standard - ISO55000.  We can achieve third party accreditation to this standard of our asset management implementation at your sites.


We're here to support you in achieving your future goals.

We customise our services to ensure our solutions deliver value for money to clients and customers given diverse infrastructure challenges, risk profiles and budgets and cover all areas of water services and contract types, including:


Water treatment




Wastewater treatment 




Network services


At Veolia, we have developed
and refined our asset
to provide complete
visibility of the competing
priorities, to target asset
investments to address
critical business risks.

Who are our customers?

Municipalities (Local, State and Federal Government), Industrial Sector, Investors

Benefits for our customers

Long-term value 

Monitoring and optimising maintenance activity

Aligning asset renewals with operational risk


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