Sustainability in action: Lendlease at Darling Harbour

Lendlease is one of Australia’s largest property developers and has benefitted from the implementation of Veolia’s comprehensive treatment and recycling solution within a $500 million commercial office and leisure space development in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. 

Veolia constructed and operates the recycled water plant at Darling Quarter, a significant sustainability initiative, delivered on time and within budget. A combination of innovative technologies treat 245 kilolitres of sewage a day, producing 166 kilolitres a day (60ML/year) of high quality recycled water for reuse for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up water.

The project includes potable water reduction of 90% through rainwater harvesting and onsite wastewater recycling, odour treatment design and constant quality monitoring. 

As a result, the plant helps save 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, and was awarded a 6-Star Green Star Office Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.