Auckland City Council

Veolia provides waste collection services to Auckland City Council (ACC), servicing some 100,000 residents across the region.

How are we bringing value to Auckland City Council and its residents?

In 2018, Auckland City Council will undergo a major change to the way it processes household waste. Paving the way for a blueprint rubbish collection across the region, residents will transition from bags to bins, and Veolia, together with Auckland City Council, will assist with diverting waste from landfill through a range of other projects in the wider Auckland region.  

What is Veolia’s offering?

To enhance operational performance, Veolia is investing in a new fleet equipped with the latest technology. This will further ensure we provide a reliable and robust collection service with the new trucks enabling greater efficiency, volume profiling and real time customer service for Auckland City Council.

Want to learn more about how Auckland City Council is making the switch from bags to bins?

Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 0800 325 542 in New Zealand.