Veolia has always taken a leadership position in environmental stewardship and in helping building owners meet sustainability goals without compromising efficiency, reliability or safety, that's why we are proud to be the official distributor for Trane® in Australia and New Zealand.



Trane Products & Systems

Every building has a purpose, whether it’s to nurture inventions, house masterpieces, cultivate learning or even to host birthday parties. A true high performance Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one that can make your building work better for life.

Why choose Trane for your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) needs?

Trane engineers are committed to continuous improvement across all product lines. They work tirelessly to increase energy efficiency and performance for all of their systems, from light commercial to large applied solutions. Trane offers equipment such as:

  • Chillers
  • Heat pumps
  • Multi-pipe units
  • Condensing units
  • Air handling units
  • Packaged rooftop units
  • Water terminals.

Are there any other tools and/or information that Trane offers for their products and systems?

Yes, the following tools and information are available on the Trane site specifically built for the Australia and New Zealand market:

  • Product selector - to be used when unsure of which equipment and/or system would be best suited to your needs
  • Design and analysis tools - to manage the equipment post-installation
  • Information about their European testing facility
  • Information about Trane, specifically tailored for engineers
  • Education and training programs.
Trane Tracer Controls

Buildings today require smarter and better technology that makes it easier for you to more efficiently manage your buildings. Trane’s Tracer™ controls technology provides an intuitive, mobile platform that gives you the power and flexibility to manage your buildings more efficiently, reducing cost, and providing a better indoor environment and smaller environmental footprint.

Why choose Trane’s Tracer controls for your energy management needs?

Tracer™ controls provide the technology platform for the next generation of data-driven, technology-enabled services that are helping to create high performance buildings.

As part of their Tracer™ brand, Trane offers:

  • Enterprise management controls: Tracer™ Ensemble
  • Building management controls: Tracer™ SC, Tracer™ Concierge, Air-Fi™ Wireless
  • HVAC equipment controls
  • Thermostats: Programmable, Non-Programmable, Touch-Screen, and Communicating Thermostats
  • ​​Sensors: Wireless Zone, CO₂, Temperature, Combination Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • ​​Legacy Products: Legacy Systems & Controllers
  • Energy Services
  • Equipment Controllers: Chiller, Rooftop, Airside, and General Purpose Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives
Trane Services

With a comprehensive range of service capabilities and in-house expertise delivered by an extensive service network always on call, Trane service solutions ensure the most reliable and cost-effective performance from your HVAC systems from day one – and on through their complete lifecycle.

Why choose Trane for your HVAC system servicing needs?

Because operation and maintenance are a big part of your overall budget, decisions concerning how your HVAC system is serviced and maintained are strategically important.

Trane Services take into account all of your demands to offer effective support in increasing reliability, improving total cost of ownership and reducing environmental impact.

What is included in the Trane service offering?

Trane offers the following services for their products, systems and Tracer controls:

  • Starting up Trane products, systems and Tracer controls
  • Operating and maintaining Trane products, systems and Tracer controls
              - Parts and repair services
              - Chiller health check program
              - Oil laboratory
              - Comprehensive service agreements
              - Select agreements
              - Controls services
  • Upgrading Trane products, systems and Tracer controls, otherwise known as Trane Building Advantage, with the steps below:
              - Analyse
              - Optimise
              - Modernise 
  • Automated, remote building system monitoring and trend analysis, otherwise known as Trane Intelligence Services, which provide three increasing levels of functionality
              - Alarm notification
              - Active monitoring
              - Building performance.
Spare Parts Management

Spare parts management is an essential component of providing a responsive maintenance program, and Veolia offers precision-crafted original Trane items to generic parts.

While there are many valid reasons for retaining any particular spare part, the primary reasons are predictability, vulnerability and availability.

Veolia uses a decision tree to logically determine the optimum level of spares based on these parameters.

Why is an appropriate spare parts management system necessary?

A comprehensive spare parts management system is necessary to avoid lengthy downtime of critical systems or technical assets. When the continuous operation of a technical asset or system is critical for life safety or profitability, the system must be protected by an accurate inventory of spare parts. Our approach ensures the spare parts inventory is developed with a sense of balance; we assess the risk of failure with the attendant cost of procuring and storing the item.

Veolia maintains spare part warehouses all across the region to ensure we are always prepared.

Which spare parts does Veolia usually carry?

Veolia offers both Trane-specific and generic spare parts to the following:

  • Compressors
  • Controls
  • Electrical supplies
  • HVAC accessories
  • Chemicals
  • Tools and tests equipment.

We also offer efficient logistical solutions and factory-authorised technicians to ensure expert replacements and fixes for Trane as well as other equipment.