Funding and grants

The Veolia Mulwaree Trust provides two types of funding: donations and grants.

Donations (for funds up to $1,000)

Organisations may apply for a one-off donation of up to $1,000 by completing the donation application form. Donations are not subject to GST. Organisations should inform the Veolia Mulwaree Trust how the donation will be used.
Click here to complete a Donation Application form.


Grants are for a specific purpose and subject to GST. Grant applications may cover a wide range of projects which comply with the Veolia Mulwaree Trust’s community grants guidelines. There are no minimum or maximum amounts an organisation may apply for, as each application is assessed on its individual merits. It is recommended that prospective applicants view previous successful-funded Veolia Mulwaree Trust grants published on this website as a guide to the organisations and projects which are likely to be successful.

Black Cockatoo Dancers

Black Cockatoo Dancers



Grant Application Help Form
PDF - 1.23 MB

Click here to apply for a grant.
Click here to view a Grant Application Help Form  (recommended to ensure you complete the application correctly).

Before starting, confirm that your organisation is located within an area eligible to apply to the Trust by checking this map.