Vital by Veolia

Vital is a sustainably sourced, high-quality soil conditioner suitable for a range of agriculture, commercial and amenity applications.

The Vital story

Vital compost is produced at Veolia’s Bulla Organics Facility in Victoria, using state-of-art technology to turn thousands of tonnes of green into high-grade compost. 

Sourced from garden organics, the raw material is collected from council kerbside green bins, landscapers, home garden maintenance businesses and transfer stations to produce rich, organic recycled composts and mulches.

Versatile and diverse

Available in cubic metres or by the tonne in the following ranges:


Giving garden organics a new life

The recycled garden organics undergo an extensive screening process to handpick and shred the items before being placed into automated in-vessel composting vessels. The organic matter undergoes a controlled aerobic and thermophilic biological transformation to achieve pasteurisation to stabilise the product, eradicate pathogens and weed seeds.

The compost can be used as a soil conditioner and stabiliser which is incorporated into the soil to provide organic matter or combined with other amendments, biosolids, lime, gypsum, manures, fertiliser and organic products to improve nutrient and mineral source.

The Vital difference

Veolia’s composting process and the resultant product has a number of features:

  • In-vessel composting pasteurisation process is quick (less than 10 days)
  • In-vessel composting process provides better control and consistency of temperatures throughout the mix to kill weed seeds and pathogenic bacteria
  • Minimal odour and vermin attraction
  • Multiple long-term benefits for soil health
  • High source of carbon
  • Process helps reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Laboratory tested and monitored product
  • Available year-round

Compost plays a Vital role

Many horticulture and agricultural crops are grown on free draining sandy soils, heavy dispersive sodic soils or soils which have been intensively worked over time.

Vital benefits

There are many benefits derived from applying compost, these include:

  • Improves nutrient holding capacity – Cation exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Improves soil structure (reduce bulk density)
  • Increases soil biology (beneficial bacteria & fungi)
  • Increases soil carbon (organic matter)
  • Natural disease suppression
  • Reduces acidity, salinity and sodicity
  • Decreases the need for artificial fertilisers
  • Reduces the disposal of garden organics to landfill and preventing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfill

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