Calls for external solutions

Worldwide, Veolia regularly issues calls for external solutions. The goal is to find solutions to technological, organizational and use issues in line with the Group's strategic areas.

The decision to issue a call for external solutions is made by : 
 - the technical teams who have noted a technological barrier or a goal in terms of performance,
 - and the strategy teams, including research program managers and marketing managers, who establish the goal in relation to the market.


The main stages : 

Challenge 5steps


Calls for external solutions are open for around four months.

 During stage 1 (defining needs) we are committed to creating the best possible team for leading the process to completion. At this stage, we associate the Business Units that are most likely to implement the innovations selected at the end of the process.
The assessments focus on technical and economic criteria. We use the TRL scale (Technology Readiness Level) to evaluate the technological maturity of the proposed solutions.

 Possible forms of collaboration at the end of the process :

Depending on the maturity of the solutions, different forms of cooperation are envisaged, including:

• Incorporating the solution in a tender
• A specific co-development agreement to meet Veolia’s industrial needs
• Testing the solution in a pilot or on an industrial scale, etc.

The ultimate goal is to establish a win-win collaboration.