Shaping the cities of tomorrow

By 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in cities. Clean water, sanitation, waste management and energy services are key challenges that must be addressed today to improve quality of life in the future.

Ville de Séoul - piétons dans la rue


Experts are already working on creative solutions to make tomorrow's cities and urban surroundings smarter:

  • through Institut Veolia initiatives, and in partnership with the London School of Economics in the UK, we are raising awareness of the priorities and expectations of people living in a number of major cities around the world;
  • we are developing public-private partnerships based on key performance indicators (KPI) as part of a long-term commitment;
  • we are designing and developing creative solutions as part of a pioneering approach to environmentally friendly technologies and the circular economy. 

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“There are 1 million more urban dwellers in the world every week.”

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