Improving use of resources

Water is taken for granted in developed countries, to the point where we sometimes let the tap run without thinking. Yet the dwindling availability of water resources and the increase in water pollution represent both an environmental and financial risk on top of traditional costs associated with capital expenditure and operations. To address these issues, Veolia has developed a tool to assess the true cost of water.


Water is crucial to the environment and to our quality of life. It is also a cornerstone of economic development. Blue Risks – related to increasing water scarcity – are now acknowledged as a major threat. That is why Veolia has developed a tool designed to calculate the True Cost of Water. Municipalities and companies can use this tool to incorporate water-related risks into their decision-making processes and adopt more sustainable solutions.



The True Cost of Water estimates the overall cost of water by taking into account:

  • costs of managing water associated with capital and operating expenditures;
  • often-unforeseen costs related to the risks involved in operations (shortage, flooding, etc.), regulations (changes) and reputation (conflict of interest, local opposition, etc.).


The True Cost of Water is part of a toolbox developed by Veolia to better assess water-related risks:

  • The Growing Blue™ Tool provides an interactive map of water resources in different regions and can calculate the local water stress index;
  • The Water Impact Index measures the overall impact of an activity on local water resources through a comprehensive analysis of the water cycle comprising three parts: the amount of water used, its quality and water stress.