Forging closer ties with those most in need

Access to drinking water and electricity is a prerequisite to decent living and working conditions. Yet many people around the world still find themselves deprived of these basic public services, even in developed countries.


In some areas, such as disadvantaged neighborhoods, those most in need can find themselves out of touch with public services. As part of the campaign to maintain contact and ensure all citizens continue to have access to essential services, Veolia joined forces with France's leading public utilities as a founding member of the PIMMS association.
The PIMMS concept involves a community-oriented approach that combines the empowerment of local people with a commitment on the part of public utility companies to improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction.


The PIMMS network provides “one-stop shops” offering a full range of information and mediation services. These hubs help users to improve their everyday approach in areas such as waste sorting, energy savings and sustainable consumption. 

Vitrine PIMMS

Vitrine PIMMS


57 PIMMS sites in France

60 drop-ins a day at each PIMMS site

530,000 interactions with users on average each year


In France:

The poverty line is set at 60% of the national median standard of living, which represented an income of €977 per month in 2011. Poverty affects 8.7 million people, i.e. 14.3% of the population, compared with 14.0% in 2010.
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