We intervene during humanitarian disasters

During major natural disasters, human solidarity can be expressed by sending donations, but also by providing human skill-based sponsorship. After an earthquake, a hurricane, or a tsunami, it is necessary, among other things, to restore access to water, provide energy, and ensure the disposal of waste.


During the night of 3 to 4 October 2016 in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew caused several hundred casualties and destroyed many towns in the South of the country.

A few days after the devastating-storm, the Veolia Foundation participated in a humanitarian emergency mission by mobilizing a Veoliaforce team and providing mobile water treatment units, which are essential for water purification and stem the spread of cholera. 

Haiti had already been struck in January 2010 by an exceptionally strong earthquake. There again, Veoliaforce volunteers  worked from the very beginning in Port-au-Prince to address the lack of access to drinking water for the affected populations.

In the months following the first disaster, the Veolia Foundation had chosen to ensure the sustainability of its  approach, by laying the foundations for a development project in partnership with the French Red Cross and the national directorate for drinking water and sanitation. Thanks to the donations of the Group's employees, which were collected by the Foundation after the disaster, and the skills of the Veoliaforce network volunteers, this project helped rebuild the country's infrastructure. 

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Every year, more than 200 million people face droughts, floods, tropical storms, earthquakes, forest fires, and other threats.

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