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Renault runs on biomass in Tangier!


In Tangier, Morocco, Veolia uses olive cake to provide all the heat needed by the Renault plant. This solution means it is the world’s first zero CO2 emission car factory.

Renault’s factory in Tangier produces almost 200,000 Dacia cars each year, with 60 driving off the production line every hour. The aim of the Renault-Veolia partnership is to meet all the site’s heat needs without emitting any carbon.

In 2012, Veolia installed a production unit with three biomass boilers generating 18 MW of heat, sized to deliver 100% of the plant’s heat requirements. The boilers produce all the hot water needed by the site’s manufacturing processes.

The biomass boilers are fired by olive cake, a byproduct of the olive oil industry comprising olive skins, pulp residues and fragments of olive stones. Because Morocco is a major producer of olive oil, this local biofuel is available in large quantities.

Designed to support a production ramp-up at the site, the biomass boilers burn close to 25,000 metric tons of olive cake a year. This means that 97% of thermal energy used at the site is generated renewably.