Professional development

Veolia’s performance is partly governed by its ability to attract and retain talent. Because the motivation and mobilization of our employees is our wealth and strength, our priorities include skills and career development, recognition of our employees and their performance respecting their diversity.
We have therefore established an ambitious training and HR development policy.
Finally, a mechanism aimed at our managers more closely associates them with implementing our strategy


This document sets out the key data on Veolia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.

Promoting the professional development and commitment of every employee


Deliver training to over 75% of employees annually
Maintain the rate of commitment for managers at over 80%


In 2018, 77,2% of employees received at least one training session.
On average, employees received 17.8 hours training.
Nearly 2 888 774 hours training actions were dispensed. More than 82% were for technicians and operators.

The commitment rate among the 5000 managers interviewed in 2014 was over 86%. This engagement score is calculated on the basis of the answers given in relation to fulfilment at work, the desire to surpass oneself, confidence in Veolia's ability to achieve its ambitions and the feeling of pride associated with working at Veolia.

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