Huawei Eco Connect: Veolia presented its digital water-waste-energy management services for cities and industry.

At Huawei Eco Connect in Shanghai - held from 5 to 7 September, Alain Staron, Veolia's Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Offers and Partnerships Innovation presented the strategy jointly developed by Veolia and Huawei to offer the digital solutions best adapted to the needs of cities and industry.

Following their September 2016 cooperation agreement combining Huawei's ICT technologies and Veolia's operational excellence in the smart cities market, the two companies are now deploying a joint strategy aimed at integrating their digital product lines. At Huawei Eco Connect in Shanghai, Veolia presented its digital solutions in the environment category. Many other world leaders were also present during the event, in the insurance, logistics, transport and electricity categories.

The global leader in optimized resource management and the Chinese digital equipment giant are mutually enriching their smart city offers: IoC, SafeCity, Smart Parking for Huawei and Urban Namics, Urban Board and Urban Lake for Veolia. For example, Veolia’s Urban Board is the first dashboard aimed at municipal teams to make it possible to compare the city services’ operational indicators with how people living in the city see them (satisfaction, well-being). 

"With its new security screen, Urban Board, alongside the environment, mobility, and economy related themes, presents an overall vision of security in the city, which integrates the Huawei video surveillance system indicators and indicators from correlated and open data systems. The project being presented at the Huawei Eco Connect in Shanghai will be operational in autumn 2017," explained Alain Staron.

Key stages in the Veolia-Huawei cooperation

► September 2016 in Shanghai: Veolia and Huawei sign a cooperation agreement 
► February 2017: at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Veolia presents its innovative waste management solution in NBIoT and receives the Internet of Things innovation prize
► June 2017: at 3GPP, Veolia accelerates the development of the NB-IOT standardization for water services, in collaboration with Huawei and all the stakeholders in the 3GPP standardization body working on the NB-IOT standard.


Huawei Connect 2017