Press Day 2015: innovating to resource the world

February 10, 2015: Antoine Frérot, Veolia’s Chairman and CEO, met with journalists during a Press Day on innovation. It was an opportunity for him to present how innovation is central to Veolia’s strategy and an essential part of the company’s vocation to “Resource the world.”
Throughout the morning, Veolia partners, including Findus and the Rockefeller Foundation, recounted their own experiences. In a second part, Veolia experts presented three major innovations: remote-controlled waste sorting, anaerobic digestion techniques for organic waste, and concrete applications for smart cities. The innovations took the form of experimental workshops for the journalists.

Antoine Frérot, PDG de Veolia

"Veolia is innovating, be it in technology, contracts, human resources or management methods, to offer its municipal and industrial clients a high-value-added service. Innovation drives Veolia and enables us to grasp our growth opportunities and confirm our expansion."
Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia

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Presentation by Henrik Nyberg, Director, Findus
Veolia has been innovating to resource the world since 1853
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Concrete innovations to meet the problems of Veolia’s clients