Open channel

Alongside the calls for external solutions, an open approach, known as Open Channel, allows you to submit a solution, regardless of the topics covered by calls for solutions.

Get involved in Veolia’s major environmental challenges in our three areas of activity - water, waste and energy, and so:
  • extend access to resources
  • preserve and renew available resources.

The main stages in the Open Channel approach

This open approach invites you to complete an application form on our dedicated VIA platform.

You are free to choose the information and documents you wish to upload. Only information already in the public domain should be provided; at this stage, there is no confidentiality agreement.

Applications are assessed in 2 stages:

  • a rapid assessment to establish whether the solution falls within one of our development areas.
  • followed by a more detailed assessment, if the solution meets the Group’s needs, which may lead to an expression of interest.

The 2 stages focus on technical criteria and market opportunities.

We use the TRL scale (Technology Readiness Level) to evaluate the technological maturity of the proposed solutions.

If necessary, and if possible, direct discussions take place with our experts. These discussions may be covered by a confidentiality agreement.
We try to complete the two stages within two months. However, it is directly related to the quality of the information provided, the availability of relevant experts and the opportunities for holding discussions with the company.

Possible forms of collaboration at the end of the process:

Depending on the maturity of the solutions, several forms of collaboration may be considered, including:

  • Incorporating the solution in a tender
  • A specific co-development agreement to meet Veolia’s industrial needs
  • Testing the solution in a pilot or on an industrial scale, etc.

The ultimate goal is to establish a win-win collaboration.

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