Veolia unifies ecosystems for smart cities

During the Pollutec trade exhibition underway until 2 December in Lyon (France), Veolia announced the creation of a partner-based ecosystem designed to develop smart cities. Unifying this ecosystem, the Group offers local authorities the most comprehensive range of digital solutions, Urban X, to help them organize ever more complex infrastructures to serve the increasing numbers of city dwellers in a world with dwindling resources.


Veolia’s solutions for smart city players

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The digital solutions Urban Board, Urban Namics (including WaterNamics for water cycle infrastructure), and Urban Pulse have been designed respectively:
  • for elected officials and city managers to track the operation of their urban infrastructure and citizens’ perceptions,
  • for technicians and infrastructure managers to help them manage them,
  •  for citizens and visitors to make their lives easier and involve them in the local circular economy.


Partner ecosystems dedicated to each use

Veolia’s digital solutions bring together a wide diversity of skills. Each solution relies on a specific partner ecosystem:
The first dashboard that contextualises the performance of urban infrastructures and the feelings of city dwellers, Urban Board compiles its information through partnerships with:

  • Breezometer, an air quality analysis company, for geolocated monitoring of outdoor air quality,
  • Lacroix City (Lacroix Group) for smart public lighting,
  • Sopra Steria to put collective innovation mechanisms in place such as Bordeaux Metro Pulse and TuBa Lyon , and trial new ideas for services on a large scale,
  • Huawei for camera surveillance systems for public spaces.

The WaterNamics water network hypervision system, designed in partnership with IBM, optimizes water network management by collating data from numerous sensors and partners, such as:

  • LACROIX Sofrel for remote-management data,
  • Gutermann for constant water network surveillance and automatic leak detection and location. 

Urban Pulse is an app to engage citizens and make city living easier. It includes some 200 partners, the most recent of which come from the collaborative economy:

  • Zenpark startup, France’s first network of automated shared parking spaces, allows the public to use vacant private parking spaces,
  • Citylity enables residents to contact their building manager (management agent or landlord) to provide information (if there is an incident for example), and create social ties with the building or in the neighbourhood,
  • BreezoMeter shares air pollution data so that citizens can reduce their exposure,
  • Neo-Nomade identifies and reserves flexible workspaces, especially for co-working,
  • VoulezVousDiner organizes dinners at home between locals and tourists,
  • the local currency SoNantes promotes short economic circuits.



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Press release: Smart-Cities. Lyon, November 30 , 2016