Territorial initiatives

Veolia innovates in the territories, adapting the VIA approach in the most dynamic geographic areas in order to increase its sourcing capacity and interactions with the local innovative ecosystem.

In 2012, Veolia launched the Territorial Innovation Accelerator (TIA) initiative - a French version of the VIA program.

As innovation hubs, the TIAs make it possible to source, test and deploy regional technologies. Through these initiatives Veolia is able to bring together large industrial groups that issue joint calls for external solutions within a particular region and so activate the local innovative ecosystem.

These public-private initiatives respond to the strong demand from local authorities to develop and support their sustainable development policy.

  • The Nord Pas de Calais TIA
And so the first TIA, in Nord Pas de Calais was born, with three major groups - Rabot Dutilleul, Orange and Veolia - and the regional innovative ecosystem, represented by NFID (Nord France Innovation).

In 2014, new groups joined the initiative: Kingfisher, SNCF, Madem.

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Calls for external solutions are launched through the local innovation structure“J’innove”.

Over the last two years, four calls for solutions have been launched on topics such as intelligent building and innovative materials.

2 videos promoting the TIA : jinnove_teaser and jinnove_témoignages

  • The CCI Seine Saint Denis TIA

Since June 2014, a second TIA covering the Seine Saint Denis département was created at the initiative of CC93 and three major groups: Rabot Dutilleul, Orange and Veolia.

Calls for external solutions are issued through the local innovation structure “Up’Innov

Discover the Open Innovation initiative in Nordic countries : the Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA)


Discover our open innovation initiative in the Nordics

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In 2014, Veolia and the Lahti Region Development Ltd (LADEC) launched the Nordic Innovation Accelerator in Finland, a major region for Cleantech businesses.

To make the initiative attractive, the NIA will be opened to other major groups who will then launch their own calls for solutions.


In the United States, in Milwaukee, the Water Council, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and Veolia launched "POW!" which stands for "emPowering Opportunities in Water".
This national program is expected to last 2 years and will support entrepreneurs innovating in Smart data and the sustainable management of water resources.
A first call for applications has been carried out between November and December 2015. Further details can be found on the Veolia USA website.