University relations

Veolia takes part in student forums, work-study fairs and regional job forums through its Campus network. Taking part in these events enables Veolia to develop strong relationships with universities and future graduates. Meetings are organized for young people seeking jobs, internships or work-study contracts. These meetings help raise the profile of our programs and improve awareness of the company's role as a provider of environmental services, which often goes unnoticed among the general public.

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    Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot with Trophées Performance award winners.

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    Student Solidarity Awards – IDEES Association (2010 winner) in Madagascar.

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    Veolia Summer School - Case study presentation with Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot.


Every year Veolia invites university representatives to explore the company's businesses and organization and the issues it faces.


Veolia recognizes the most innovative work produced by final-year university students with its Trophées Performance awards. We encourage students and young graduates to learn more about Veolia while giving the company the opportunity to identify new talents with an interest in its lines of business. The winners receive a ticket to a city selected by Veolia based on the environmental challenges faced by that city. More information about the Trophées Performance.


The Student Solidarity Awards, created by the Veolia Foundation in partnership with Campus Veolia, support non-profit projects run by associations formed by students currently pursuing Master's-level studies in schools and universities in France and worldwide. 
For more information, please visit the Veolia Foundation website.


The Veolia Summer School 2016 class hands in its report on “Environmental services in the sustainable city”.

45 students from across the world took part in the 7th edition of the Veolia Summer School, organized by Campus Veolia Ile-de-France. The objectives: to endow graduates with a good knowledge of environmental issues and, why not, inspire their interest in careers at Veolia.

Summer School 2016

Discovery and shared experiences

The Veolia Summer School is an original way to introduce students from diverse backgrounds to roles within the company as well as an opportunity to forge special relationships with their universities. Over one week, 45 young people from 25 countries met with operations managers, visited Veolia-operated sites and learnt more about the company’s expertise. The programme was also an opportunity to carry out a case study on “Environmental services in the sustainable city”, which was handed in on 4 July during a public presentation attended by Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia.

The first step towards a career with Veolia

Many students from previous sessions have gone on to join the Group as interns, whilst others have taken part in competitions, such as the Performance Awards, and set up research and applied academic projects linked to careers at Veolia.
Many also went on to apply to the Group’s “Pangeointernational graduate programme.

“The diversity of our knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop advice and recommendations which are both effective and sustainable.”



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This year, get the chance to visit Sydney!

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The foundation supports non-profit community-oriented projects contributing to outreach and environmental conservation, in France and internationally.

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Campus Veolia is the company’s training center for environmental fields.