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Latin America: Sights set on energy efficiency

20%: The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that Latin America could achieve by 2032 according to Rodrigo Andrade, Director of the NGO Diálogo Energético.

Despite being vulnerable to the effects of climate change, Latin America’s contribution to this phenomenon is on the increase. The region’s economic growth, largely based on exporting raw materials, is the root cause. One solution: speed up growth in energy efficiency by promoting low-energy solutions to industry and local government authorities.

A region driving growth

Present for around 20 years in seven Latin American countries—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru—Veolia has 38 million users and around 11,000 employees across the region. In the past few years, it has signed a string of contracts on the back of the region’s strong economic growth.

Energy alliance

Reaffirming its position in the Latin American market, Veolia signed an alliance with Colombian public services group EPM in December 2015. The aim is to provide a set of services combining EPM’s knowledge of the local energy market with Veolia’s technical expertise in order to develop, install, finance and operate projects to improve energy efficiency throughout the region.


“For Veolia and EPM, this agreement will speed up growth in the Latin American market’s energy efficiency segment. Under the alliance, the two companies will contribute their respective knowledge and experience of public services and of the regions where they already operate,”
Ramon Rebuelta, Executive Vice President for Latin America at Veolia.


Solid local presence

Veolia’s presence in Latin America dates from the end of the 1990s, with several emblematic water and waste management contracts that were recently renewed. In Montería, Colombia, the company’s contract was extended ahead of time for a further 10 years from 2019, reflecting the deep trust developed with this municipality. Veolia is now to build a wastewater treatment plant, extend the city’s wastewater collection system, install water pressure reducing stations, and operate water distribution systems in rural areas. In Mexico City, the contract for the commercial management of part of the city’s water system has been renewed for two years (2015-2017). In Peru, Veolia has been awarded the contract to operate and maintain the desalination plant for the Cerro Lindo mine owned by Milpo.


With a population of 600 million, the Latin America and Caribbean region emits 12% of the world’s greenhouse gases, according to the United Nations.

Franco-Colombian Strategic Committee

In January 2015, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, launched the Franco-Colombian Strategic Committee in Paris. The FCSC is aimed at strengthening the bilateral relationship between France and Colombia, a growing power in Latin America. Co-chaired by Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia, the committee has 20 members drawn from business, academia, civil society and the cultural sphere. Its work will focus on a variety of fields, such as infrastructure, transportation, water, energy and agricultural education.


Contribution to our CSR commitments - Training

For Veolia, skills and careers development are among its priorities because they are a source of employee recognition and collective performance. Accordingly, the company has adopted an ambitious training policy (commitment 8). To support the company’s expansion strategy, Veolia’s Latin America zone has introduced a wide-reaching program to train its industrial market teams. A skills certification system for operational employees has been rolled out at the same time in the zone’s eight countries.



For Veolia, 2015 was a year of worldwide commercial success in the field of energy efficiency

With the new Hubgrade in Bilbao, Veolia will control 2,000 energy facilities in Spain
First Energy Services Contract for Veolia in South Korea
Biomass: Japan chooses Veolia to operate two new plants
Veolia accompanies Dubai in reducing by 30% its energy consumption by 2030
Guinea-Conakry electricity networks strengthened and jointly managed by Electricité de Guinée and Veolia
The largest biomass plant in Ireland will be managed by Veolia
Canada: Veolia will optimize the energy efficiency of Hydro-Québec’s new data center