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At the Positive Leader Forum, the Chairman and CEO of Veolia, Antoine Frérot, shares his vision of a positive leadership in the digital era

In Paris the Positive Leader Forum today brought together several business leaders who positively impact the economy and the planet in a society that is digitizing. Veolia Chairman and CEO Antoine Frérot presented his vision of positive leadership during the workshop focusing on "conscious and caring leadership @ the digital era".


Providing guidance in a rapidly changing world

 "With economic globalization, social change, technological innovations, geopolitical disturbances, and the scarcity of raw materials, the planet is experiencing a spectacular redistribution of growth, power, and prosperity," explained Antoine Frérot.

The digital revolution, based on the massive data collection and analytical power of Big Data, makes it possible to design new services for Veolia's customers: using data from water, energy, and waste management can reduce their carbon footprint and create links between citizens.
However, this revolution also generates competitive threats along with changes in the behaviour and expectations of users. The company must both adapt to this environment and take advantage of the new opportunities it offers. It must also strive to reduce the uncertainty it may create for its employees.

Finding the best balance for all stakeholders

The company is driven by a joint project aimed at creating wealth at the meeting point of all its stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, territories, associations and future generations. And it is up to its leader to find the best balance between them, between an economic optimum and a social and societal optimum.

This is the message that Antoine Frérot wanted to share: "For business leaders caught between numerous conflicting obligations, promoting a fully responsible economy is not easy. It's a struggle every day and everywhere, but I can assure you of one thing: it's a winning fight, where everyone wins! "


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