The 2017 Global Water Summit in Madrid: promoting the emergence of a new model of access to water

On 24 and 25 April in Madrid, Veolia participated in the 11th annual Global Water Summit, which brought together more than 500 business leaders, public service managers and investors to look at the key role played by water in sustainable economic growth.

Laurent Auguste, Senior Executive Vice President Development, Innovation and Markets, chaired the closing plenary on the theme of "Global vs. Local - The Next Generation of Water Management", in which ministers from Jordan, Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi (Africa) took part. The panel examined a new model for access to water proposed by the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Water 2014-2016. Veolia had participated in the preparation of the white paper published at this time.

The emergence of a new model for access to water based on 5 pillars:

  1.  A social contract: the aim is to bring together the various stakeholders who have an interest in improving access to water and sanitation for everyone.
  2. Local design: water is a local resource that needs solutions adapted to the context in which it is taken and used.
  3. Decentralization of services, to reduce investment costs, with in particular water kiosks, franchised water services, and micro-utilities which provide an interim solution.
  4. Controlling costs and offering financial arrangements (such as micro-credit) to make public sanitation services affordable for low-income households.
  5. A reduction in the overall cost of water and wastewater services, by making use of innovative solutions.

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