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Veolia at the C40 summit in Mexico City

The sixth Cities Climate Leadership Group C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City from 30 November brings together political leaders, business and sustainable development experts. Central to the exchanges: the crucial role megacities can play in fighting climate change by developing energy efficiency, low carbon transport, green growth, and resilience. Veolia, a C40 partner is an active participant in the event.

Preserving natural resources

In a world where natural resources are limited and the world population continues to grow and become more urbanised, the impacts of climate change in large cities are increasingly visible. 

Thomas Renard, Veolia CEO Mexico, says, "Governments, businesses and citizens must all contribute to better management of our waste and resources. We have to urgently innovate and create a more efficient economic and social development model that is resource efficient and sustainable."

The circular economy for future generations

To limit global warming, priority must be given to recovering and reusing resources. To this end, Veolia designs and develops circular economy solutions for its customers across the world, for example by using industrial heat for district heating, converting wastewater into fertilizers or bioplastics, producing electricity or biofuels from waste.

"We have a responsibility to preserve all natural resources: consume them more smartly, use them better and waste them less and so ensure their future availability (…). The circular economy makes it possible to reuse and make the most of these resources to the benefit of everyone and of future generations," adds Thomas Renard

The C40 Climate Leadership Group

The C40, created in London ten years ago, brings together the climate change initiatives of 86 large cities in order to design and develop urban solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and control climate risks. Veolia is a C40 partner.

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