Veolia will supply drinking water to 350,000 inhabitants in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) has selected Veolia to extensively develop access to water in the Greater Matale area located in the centre of the country.

Five new water treatment plants will be constructed by Veolia in the cities of Matale (30,000 m/ d), Ambanganga (18,000 m3 / d), Ukuwela, Udatenna and Rattotta (9,000 m3 / d each). The Group will also install twelve service reservoirs, five pumping stations, and 430 km of transmission and distribution pipes.
These facilities will provide and secure the drinking water supply for more than 350,000 people in the agricultural area of Greater Matale in central Sri Lanka 150 km from the capital, Colombo.

Claude Laruelle

“Access to water is a key factor in the growth of cities, their citizens and their economy. Today, we see that in Sri Lanka our solutions are helping an entire region’s development by making it more competitive. They are also contributing to fulfilling our mission: resourcing the world,”  said Claude Laruelle, Director of Veolia’s Global Enterprises.


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Press release: Access to water – Paris, February 20, 2017