Big data to the benefit of the citizens' security

From ensuring security at major events to ensuring that of all the area's citizens, there remained a further step to be taken—and it was done for the first time by France's special operations tactical force, RAID, and Veolia for the Jeux de la Francophonie, held in Nice in September 2013.

sondes kapta 3000 veolia solution
For the first time ever, the RAID and the DCI-IT (Détachement Central Interministériel d'Intervention Technique (interministerial central detachment for technical interventions, under the authority of the Minister of the Interior)) extended their NRBC security capacities to the surveillance of water supply networks managed by Veolia.
Made up of smart, energy-autonomous ENDETEC-KAPTA™ sensors, this technological solution was selected by the European SECUR'EAU* project and tried out at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. The KAPTA™ sensors are installed on the supply network at sensitive points identified by the RAID and the DCI-IT. The sensors continually measure the main water quality parameters, as recommended by the World Health Organization: pressure, active chlorine, temperature and conductivity.
Round-the-clock surveillance is ensured in real time by Veolia experts, who monitor and continually analyze the data via a secure Web service. In case of an alert, the experts identify the origin and decide whether the water contamination is accidental or intentional. If the abnormal change in water quality remains unexplained, the alert is immediately given to the operations center of the RAID and the DCI-IT for action.
*SecurEau - Security and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination event. The main objective of the Research Project SecurEau is to launch an appropriate response for rapidly restoring the use of the drinking water network after a deliberate contamination event (whether biological, chemical or radiological). SecurEau is a European Commission funded project, which involves academic and industrial partners from the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Finland and Latvia.