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Circular economy: a sustainable opportunity

The world’s population is growing and so are its needs. A reality which pushes us to be more inventive to improve our quality of life and which modifies Veolia’s approach and projects throughout the world.


Antoine Frérot, Veolia's CEO presented the French Minister for Industrial Renewal on the 9th June with an action plan, the plan drawn up with key figures in the waste and recycling industry as part of the New Industrial France.

The proposals from the “Recycling and Green Products” task force and explanations from Antoine Frérot in images 



Conserving natural resources means also taking steps to improve the way we use them. Veolia implements solutions for more efficient water and energy use.

In our economy, inherited from the 19th century, everything works linearly from extracting a resource to producing energy or goods, which end up in the bin.

The circular economy model is a virtuous way to save and reuse resources as much as possible.


Video: Resourcing the world, a central concern for Veolia

Given the issue of fewer natural resources, the development of the circular economy is an opportunity for the planet to grow. 


Learn how Veolia turns waste into resources 

Veolia has finalised solutions to enable resources to be reused e.g. the production of biogas from waste and sludge from treatment facilities, collecting furniture and recycling goods to make them a secondary source of raw materials. Industries can therefore reap the rewards of a circular economy.
Waste management

A product of the circular economy enters the kitchen

Waste management

2 million people’s waste turned into electricity 

mobilier urbain veolia
Waste management

400,000 tons of recycled and upcycled furniture


Circular economy Less wastage more added value
Antoine Frérot, CEO Managing Director of Veolia and sailor Ellen MacArthur, representing her Foundation, discuss this new economic model

Circular economy: a driver for innovation, a new mode of consumption

Veolia’s CEO Antoine Frérot and the sailor Ellen MacArthur, on behalf of her Foundation, discuss the new model in the latest issue of Planet magazine. They see it as a win-win situation both in terms of economy and protecting the environment.