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“COP21 and beyond?”: Veolia confirms its vision and role in combating climate change

Four months after the signature of the Paris Agreement and a few days before the States embark on the ratification process, Veolia’s CEO, Antoine Frérot, participated in the debate "COP21 and beyond?" organized by the Institut Montaigne in Paris. This meeting is a progress report on the implementation of the provisions to combat climate change, in preparation for COP22 to be held in Marrakech in November. The meeting was attended by Morocco’s Minister of the Environment and the President of COP22, Hakima El Haite.


In the fight against climate change, the agreement signed in Paris last December must now become a lever for action. It is crucial for this debate: to study how to translate enthusiastic promises into effective, concrete actions.
For years, Veolia has been committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Group based its proposals put forward during COP21 on its experience and expertise:
  • Change the model for the use of natural resources and promote the circular economy
  • Combat short life potent greenhouse gases, and in particular methane


Put a price on carbon that will act as a deterrent for polluters and an incentive for cleaning up pollution.

As Antoine Frérot points out, for these proposals, and those of many other companies, NGOs and local communities, to be implemented,  


Antoine Frérot, Président-directeur général de Veolia

"it is essential to at last give a robust, predictable and non-derisory price for carbon  that would pay back all the anti-carbon investments made by all stakeholders”.

The Group is taking practical steps in the fight against climate change

- Ensure the equivalent  of 100 million tonnes of CO2 are reduced over the period 2015-2020
- Ensure the equivalent  of 50 million tonnes of CO2 are avoided over the period 2015-2020
- Capture more than 60% of the methane produced in the Group's waste disposal centers


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