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Danone and Veolia join up to meet the challenge of climate change

Danone and Veolia today announce a strategic alliance for water cycle, waste and energy efficiency management. The partnership is part of Danone’s climate policy which calls for a zero net carbon footprint by 2050 for sites under the company’s direct, shared and expanded responsibility.

As both are committed to developing the circular economy, Danone and Veolia will share their know-how in an unprecedented alliance and will together explore innovative water, plastic and waste management solutions.

The partnership is based on the complementary expertise that each company brings. Together they will develop projects relating to securing water resources, the sustainable management of plastic packaging, the production of biogas from bio-waste, optimizing energy consumption and alternative energy sources. Pilot projects in France and abroad are already under consideration. They will eventually deploy on all Danone sites.

Emmanuel Faber, Danone CEO, said: “With this alliance, Danone continues to innovate in the social and environmental spheres by encouraging the emergence of entirely new forms of cooperation that promote change. By teaming up with Veolia, we are ensuring a secure source of strategic resources and optimizing their utilization, since our climate policy is an integral part of our mission and our business.”.

Antoine Frérot, Président-directeur général de Veolia

“Both the form and the goals of this alliance make it a truly unique initiative in creating economic, social and environmental value,” said Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia. “We are working with Danone to help them reach their 2020 goals while benefiting from major scope for business development. Our expertise is being invested to optimize water, waste and energy management across all of their processes.


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Date of publication: 4 December 2015