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France’s National Biodiversity Strategy 2015: Veolia recognized for its commitment

The monitoring committee of France’s National Biodiversity Strategy (SNB) gives Veolia national recognition for its commitment to "preserving and restoring biodiversity" in 2015. In the COP 21 Climate Generations space, Ségolène Royal, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, and head of France’s COP 21 delegation, presented the SNB commitment recognition certificate to Pierre Victoria, the Group's Sustainable Development Director.


Veolia works at two levels to help limit the loss of biodiversity in the world. The Group not only takes action to reduce its own environmental footprint and those of its customers, but also creates favorable conditions for the protection and restoration of species and their habitats.

Veolia's commitment to "preserving and restoring biodiversity"

The third of Veolia’s nine sustainable development commitments for 2015 tackles the issue of biodiversity. It covers 3 areas:

  • more effectively address biodiversity issues locally and design innovative environmentally based solutions;
  • educate and involve as many people as possible and promote actions implemented jointly with local stakeholders;
  • deploy environmental planning and management actions on our sites and for our customers.


Antoine Frérot, Président-directeur général de Veolia

"We are sure that increased consideration of environmental protection and restoration will go hand in hand with changes in practices in terms of managing our operations and designing tomorrow’s cities. We want to apply this transition to ourselves," says Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot, who is taking this commitment to sustainable development to the highest levels in the Group. 



-France’s National Biodiversity Strategy (French Only)  
-Corporate Social Responsibility, which includes Veolia’s sustainable development  

Date of publication: 8 December 2015