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Guinea-Conakry electricity networks strengthened and jointly managed by Electricité de Guinée and Veolia

Guinea Conakry’s government strategy to support the recovery of the electricity market has been implemented through an ambitious modernization plan launched in 2012. In the presence of Alpha Condé, the President of the Republic of Guinea Conakry, Veolia signed a performance contract to provide electricity management services to Electricité de Guinée (EDG).


Signature between Veolia and EDG in the Sekhoutoureya​ Palace
Signature between Veolia and EDG in the Sekhoutoureya​ Palace
Veolia will help improve the efficiency of the country’s energy distribution network and the expansion of the network within the country. In addition to technical performances including planning operations and maintenance of installations, Veolia will manage the inventory, finances, human resources and customer resources.

Complementary expertise

Veolia will strengthen EDG’s services with experienced operational staff to oversee operations: it will provide complementary expertise to improve IT systems and improve operational performance. Veolia and EDG staff will work together to strategically manage the public company, in particular on the basis of strong, reliable and relevant key performance indicators.


Guinée, contrat de gestion énergétiques

This contract demonstrates the willingness of the Guinea Conakry authorities to develop, improve and strengthen the capacities and the quality of energy infrastructures in the country.


Press Release - Africa – Energy: Paris – Guinea Conakry, 22 June 2015 (27.13 KB)

« We are committed to supporting Guinea Conakry in its challenge to respond to increasing electricity demand and to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants », says Patrice Fonlladosa, Executive Vice President Africa & Middle East at Veolia.