International Mother Earth Day 2017: the priority is environmental and climate literacy

International Mother Earth Day 2017 has adopted the theme of "environmental and climate literacy" - the opportunity to review some of the educational actions led and supported by Veolia.

Journée de la Terre Veolia Education Changements climatiques


The Veolia Foundation

In March, the Veolia Foundation supported the operation conducted in France by Tara Pacific with teachers in primary, secondary and high schools. An education pack about changes to coral reefs due to climate change was distributed to them in order to promote awareness of this major ecological issue.
The Veolia Foundation has also supported the implementation three MOOCs (massive open on-line course) designed by Uved on biodiversity, the challenges of climate change and ecological engineering (the latter is currently in the preparation stages). The first of these MOOCs attracted 7,500 students from 33 countries.

La REcyclerie

Veolia and its Foundation are the main partners of La REcyclerie in Paris, a place at the crossroads of ecology, the social and solidarity economy and the circular economy accessible to everyone. This year 250,000 people participated in more than a thousand events related to the circular economy and urban agriculture, with the support of 100 start-ups, companies, local authorities, artists, associations and schools. This innovative, modern, and entertaining educational project responds to the high expectations of city dwellers: already 15 cities in France have applied to replicate it (Bobigny, Ivry, Toulouse, etc.).

The Veolia Institute

In 2016 at the COP22 in Marrakech, the Veolia Institute, a platform for discussion and exchange, organized a side event focusing on innovative methane emission reduction solutions to raise public awareness about this greenhouse gas with its high-impact on climate change. In 2017, the Veolia Institute will bring together researchers, public decision-makers, non-governmental organizations and industry to examine the economic, energy, environmental, geopolitical and governance issues linked to the availability of resources in a low carbon world.

Alrededor de Iberoamérica

Since 2011, Veolia has organized the "Alrededor de Iberoamérica" educational campaign, which has raised the awareness of over 130,000 schoolchildren from seven Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina and Peru) to protecting the environment.
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