Marionnaud has chosen Veolia to collect, recover and recycle all its used beauty products

Since 11 April, Marionnaud –the European leader in selective distribution of perfumes and cosmetics – has offered its customers the option of returning their used beauty products to one of its 515 stores in France. The bottles and packaging collected will be recycled or re-used by Veolia. The Group is supporting Marionnaud in its engagement for a cleaner planet and responsible consumption.


Every year, 47.6 million perfume bottles and 440 million skincare and makeup products in plastic and glass packaging are sold in France. In its French stores Marionnaud is now recovering all used beauty products - perfume bottles and nail polish, cream jars and tubes, lipstick tubes, eyeliner, makeup palettes, mascara – whether or not they were bought in their stores. When they return the used packaging, customers will be given discounts and loyalty points.

In the first year, Veolia will collect and recycle 160 tons of waste bottles and packaging. Glass perfume bottles will be recycled into new bottles. Pots and empty tubes will be used to produce thermal energy. The environmental benefits of this partnership are significant since the recycling 1000 perfume bottles avoids the emission of 104 kg of CO2, equivalent to the emissions produced by a car travelling 650 kilometres.  

"French people are very concerned about sorting waste and expect their brand to make these eco-friendly acts as simple as possible. Marionnaud is therefore offering them a simple, comprehensive solution and is also rewarding them for their commitment to this environmental approach," says Eileen Yeo, Managing Director of Marionnaud France

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