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New European objectives on waste: 580,000 jobs expected

On 2nd July, the European Commission adopted proposals to “convert Europe to a more circular economy”.


Circular economy Less wastage more added value
Antoine Frérot, CEO Managing Director of Veolia and sailor Ellen MacArthur, representing her Foundation, discuss this new economic model

The Commission wishes to address European Union objectives on the recycling of waste, which will enable the creation of thousands of jobs.

Seventy percent of municipal waste and eighty percent of packaging waste must be recycled by 2030. 

The revision which raises the objectives on waste fixed by the existing directives is part of an ambitious, fundamental  programme moving from a linear economic model to a more circular economy”, explained the Commission in a communiqué.


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This transformation was already at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy, but the European body wishes to speed up the implementation – even more so because it is felt that this will contribute to the creation of new jobs.


The move towards a green economy which is economical in the use of resources provides, above all, an opportunity to increase the global competitiveness of Europe and to create sustainable, well-qualified jobs”, declared the Environment Commission.