New Orleans renews its contract with Veolia

The Sewerage & Water Board (S&WB), the authority responsible for water and sanitation, has renewed its contract with Veolia for a period of 10 years.


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Operating New Orleans’ two wastewater treatment plants since 1992, Veolia will now increase treatment capacity to 550,000 m3 per day and optimize septage receiving, biosolid disposal and hurricane recovery measures.
In addition, 30% of the income from the partnership will be invested in the local economy through 10 companies in the town, under a program that promotes diversity and combats discrimination and socioeconomic imbalances.


« Our relationship has enabled us to achieve exceptional results. We’re looking forward to continuing the partnership and offering new opportunities to the region’s disadvantaged communities,» said Cedric S. Grant, the Executive Director of S&WB.


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« Future-looking agreements such as this one enable economic, social and environmental objectives to be achieved that go well beyond the technical aspects involved in managing a public service,» added William J. DiCroce, President and COO of Veolia’s North American Municipal and Commercial Business Lines  


Awards and environmental projects

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The partnership between S&WB and Veolia has generated savings of over $35 million for the citizens of New Orleans since 1992. S&WB and Veolia received the Gold Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, which hailed the “total respect for the environment.”
And new environmental projects are underway, including a project to restore a deteriorated area of urban swamp and turn it into a cypress forest, and another that is reusing ash from incineration for industrial application, helping to enrich the soil and improve the natural landscape of New Orleans.

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